TV Club: Tensions rise on The Expanse

Three episodes in, and it’s clear (if it wasn’t already) that The Expanse is not going to be much concerned with episodic structure. From the pilot on, the show has been pushing forward, building a larger plot piece by piece, and when side stories (or characters) don’t immediately connect to our main focus, there’s a clear impression that they’ll eventually be relevant, which makes them easier to watch. Each episode tries to tell something like a contained story (in the pilot, there was the investigation of the freighter that led to the destruction of the Canterbury; in “The Big Empty,” it was the survivors of the Canterbury struggling to, um, survive; and in “Remember The Cant,” I’d say it’s Avasarala manipulating the Martian ambassador to learn the truth about Mars’s involvement with the OPA), but those stories aren’t entirely satisfying on …

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