TV Club: Teleporting ballet dancers mark a Thanksgiving Flesh And Bone

Okay, now I’m just angry.

The over dramatic soap operatics, I’ll take. The extra villainous holiday-themed turn, I’ll live with. But wasting the divine Kelly Bishop on a throwaway mother role? That’s unforgivable, Flesh And Bone. We’re talking a world-class dancer who originated Sheila from A Chorus Line on Broadway. Not to mention Emily Gilmore, the only bitter kitten mother on television who could also manage to be the most likable character on a show genetically engineered churn out likable characters. And all she’s going to get is bitterness about tennis rackets.

Naming an episode of Flesh And Bone “F.U.B.A.R.” is not really fair. I’m a newspaperwoman at heart, and naming what is really a disaster of an episode “fucking up beyond all repair” is making my hackiest tendencies tingle. It’s almost too easy. Everything that happened in …

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