TV Club: Teen Wolf: “Status Asthmaticus”

“Status Asthmaticus” is an episode of Teen Wolf. In its placement on the schedule, it is also the summer finale of the fifth season, but for the purposes one would expect from a finale, it doesn’t quite fit the bill. This summer finale neither closes major aspects of this half season nor does it provide any real interest for the second half. Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear though: I completely understand (and have always understood) that the plots of this half season will carry over to the second half season. However, that doesn’t excuse seventh-inning MacGuffins, a lack of progress on the entire concept of the Big Bads, and absolutely no closure whatsoever. To compare Teen Wolf to a show it actually has a lot more in common with than one would think, Pretty Little Liars has perfected (as much as Pretty Little Liars can …

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