TV Club: Teen Wolf: “Lies Of Omission”

Allow this to sink in for a moment: “Lies Of Omission” is the penultimate episode of the first half of Teen Wolf‘s fifth season. Keep in mind that the Dread Doctors’ entire concept is still ill-defined, Theo’s motivation apparently now relies on Hayden’s survival,* Parrish still has no idea what he is (so we’re going on two and a half seasons of that), and Kira has been sent away. Again. Yes, “Lies Of Omission” is an episode of Teen Wolf that relies on a lot of lists of what is or what is not going on in the lives of Beacon Hills’ teen residents (and Parrish).

(*At the beginning of the episode. By the end—and thanks to the clip for next week—it appears that Liam killing Scott is what it relies on, and Hayden is an easy pawn in that plan. Why would the …

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