TV Club: Team Arrow joins The Flash to help set up a spinoff

Holy Smoak, what an episode. The season so far has been hampered somewhat by the need to plant the seeds for the Legends Of Tomorrow spinoff, disrupting the larger Zoom/Earth-Two arc just as it should be ramping up. “Legends Of Today,” on the other hand, is a sterling example of how to do this crossover thing right: it’s like an old-school 80-page giant Justice League Of America annual (or, more accurately, like the first half of one, given that the story concludes tomorrow night on Arrow). It doesn’t ignore the ongoing Flash storylines, but expertly weaves them into an expansive DC Universe adventure. We can only hope Batman V Superman is even half this much fun.

All the action is prompted by the arrival of Vandal Savage, one of the oldest villains in the DC playbook (in more ways than one). An immortal with a flair for …

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