TV Club: Take one “Last Ride” with Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s inner circle

After two weeks of Brooklyn Nine-Nine uneven approach to its latest major conflict, it’s understandable for one to go into this week’s episode with a question of what could possibly be the Nine-Nine’s 11th hour saving grace. While Brooklyn Nine-Nine has gone through with big (albeit temporary) shifts in the status quo like new captains and witness protection, those changes were easier to accept than the very idea of the Nine-Nine being shut down. The lead-up to finding out which precinct will be closed has relied on more of a suspension of disbelief than is usually acceptable when it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but like with a lot of the series’ arcs, it’s what it does with the finish that truly matters.

The cold open is a great start to this week’s episode, and it also subtly works pretty well in planting the seeds for …

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