TV Club: Taboo’s finale is explosive, superficially engaging, and ultimately empty

“The difference between Delaney and me,” Sir Stuart Strange tells George Chichester early in “Episode 8,” “is that I always make sure I have one last ace to play.” Taboo‘s explosive finale one-ups Sir Stuart; everyone has two or three last aces to play. That means the plodding series is capped off by a final episode so jam-packed with action that it overplays its hand. Taboo’s finale is more explosive and engaging than the rest of the season, but ultimately just as empty.

Zilpha’s episode-opening plunge into the river is an example of that emptiness. As Oona Chaplin’s forlorn voice narrates her last letter to James, rhapsodizing about the loophole she’s found, the way to slip between the bars of the cage that holds her, can anyone be surprised when she throws herself into the Thames, where the water soaks her heavy clothes and drags …

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