TV Club: “Sy’s Tenure” returns Childrens Hospital to all of its chaotic glory

As strong as the cast members of Childrens Hospital are individually, the show is definitely at its best when it really gets to use its cast. The show’s original Grey‘s Anatomy-parodying ways may have themselves to a specific lead, but that hasn’t been the case for many years, so the ensemble is key. So while the first two episodes of this season have been relatively good with the limited cast options, they still haven’t been peak Childrens Hospital. Good, yes. Great, not yet. “Sy’s Tenure,” on the other hand, is all about the great level. Finally.

“Sy’s Tenure” is an episode that works simply because of how much of a show it makes out of the surplus (also relative) of cast members it has in comparison to those first two episodes. It works for other reasons, of course, but this is the basic …

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