TV Club: Switched At Birth: “And It Cannot Be Changed”

A big part of growing up is learning that your actions have consequences. Daphne’s journey on Switched At Birth has largely been about her learning this lesson over and over again, especially last season after Angelo died. This season appears primed to show a flip side to the exploration of consequences, as Bay must now deal with the consequences of her decision to take the fall for Daphne’s vandalism. It was a decision that negatively colored a lot of Daphne’s growth in the previous seasons, but if this premiere is any indication, it certainly was a storytelling decision that will reap many rewards going forward.

One decision the show gets exactly right is to pick up the action immediately following Bay’s confession, when Bay is telling Emmett what she did and Daphne is telling their parents. Their collective outrage—except for John, who seems oddly comfortable …

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