TV Club: Survivor’s Second Chance season is off to a great start

Survivor has taken a fair amount of flak over the past few years for frequently relying on various gimmicks in order to entice viewers into watching a 15-year-old reality show, but it feels fair to say that this Second Chance season is by far the most anticipated gimmick the show has attempted in quite a while. When the season was announced, most of the emphasis was put on the fact that the audience got to vote for the players they wanted to see get a second chance to play the game, but now that the cast is decided, how they got on the show is completely irrelevant; what we’re here to see is how they play the game.

Luckily for the show, it seems like everyone is off to at least a decent start. The beauty of having returning players is the awkwardness of introducing a cast of new …

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