TV Club: Survivor’s Remorse: “M.V.P.”

Forget the man, he can fend for himself—what do you get for the house that has everything? If the house in question is Calloway Castle, you get it soundproofing so Atlanta’s most popular basketball phenom doesn’t have to listen to his mother get the business. “M.V.P.” begins with Cam, M-Chuck, and Uncle Julius getting a rude awakening that just so happens to coincide with Cassie’s sexual awakening. Yes, from what we’ve seen, Mama Calloway is the first to christen the family’s swanky new pad by baptizing it in good ol’ fashioned sex sweat. And to think, all Cam wanted to do was enjoy a well-earned cheat day with a giant plate of Cassie’s french toast topped with the kind of pure maple syrup that looks like a bottle of Crown Royal if you’re squinting.

Instead of dining on french toast …

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