TV Club: Survivor’s Remorse is more often about sexual health than basketball

Survivor’s Remorse is a show about women’s reproductive health. Some people miss that, and it’s not unreasonable to do so given all the talk of basketball and product endorsement deals, but all that stuff is window dressing. At its core, Survivor’s Remorse is about a woman’s right to a fulfilling sex life and access to health care as it relates to sexual and reproductive choice. And in the guise of a show that has been repeatedly compared to Entourage and Ballers. Well-played, folks, well-played indeed.

I’m kidding, of course, but only slightly. Between “One-Love,” which deals with the issue of babies having babies, and “The Dagger,” which takes a hard left into a public service announcement about HPV, Survivor’s Remorse has been more about female sexuality and psychology than it has been about basketball. These episodes come in the wake of “M.V …

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