TV Club: Survivor’s Remorse: “Homebound”

“Homebound” solves a nagging problem that has plagued Survivor’s Remorse from the outset. Actually, “nagging” might be too harsh a qualifier for said problem, which is the show’s lack of basketball-related content. The focus on the Calloways rather than Cam’s career is among the reasons Remorse is such a phenomenal and accessible show. The exploration of how Cam’s success has reshaped the family dynamics is Remorse‘s richest material, and it makes the show approachable for those in the audience who, like your humble reviewer, could care less about basketball. But with so little attention paid to him, Cam is becoming a narrative figurehead while the rest of the characters spring to life around him. Cam is becoming Frank Sinatra in Gay Talese’s legendary Esquire profile “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold,” the marquee star of a story that gives the audience limited access to him …

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