TV Club: Survivor’s Remorse: “Grown-Ass Man”

Earlier this month, at the Television Critics’ Association press tour, there was a limp noodle of a kerfuffle between highly compensated cable television executives about their networks’ respective pro sports-themed comedies. It’s not a terribly long story, but to shorten it further, HBO’s Michael Lombardo made some derisive statements about Survivor’s Remorse in response to a press release touting the show as a sharper alternative to HBO’s recently launched Ballers. Chris Albrecht of Starz shot down the notion of a rivalry when he spoke to reporters on the following day, but of course he would say that. The person yelling “You guys, it’s not a competition,” is invariably the one winning the competition.

Such facile comparisons aren’t terribly helpful, but they are irresistable all the same. And the fact is, weak ratings be damned, Survivor’s Remorse is a superior show to Ballers by …

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