TV Club: Survivor’s Remorse: “A Time To Punch”

“When people use a false equivalency to make light of domestic violence against women, it makes me want to punch someone in the face.” — Missy Vaughn

Survivor’s Remorse dances so gleefully near the electrified third rail, it’s easy to become convinced that the writers don’t actually know how palpable and present the danger is. This is the case in “A Time To Punch,” an episode that plays with an obviously fraught subject in a surprisingly nimble way. Granted, Missy’s apoplectic reaction to Cam’s “men hurt too” public service announcement is part-joke, part-apologia, but the defense isn’t completely necessary. “Punch” is over-the-top, but not that over the top considering the state of the professional sports business, especially as it concerns domestic violence.

“Punch” is a deeply cynical episode, but there’s no way to circumvent cynicism when making a television show about professional sports. In …

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