TV Club: Survivor Series 2016 wasn’t about wins and losses, but high spots and shock endings

Professional wrestling works when it follows the storytelling formula. Good guy wants something. Bad guy gets in the way. Good guy overcomes the odds and gets what he wants, bad guy gets his comeuppance.

So who do we cheer and boo at this year’s Survivor Series? The storyline setup coming into this pay-per-view felt weak, if not forced, centered on the warring factions of Monday Night Raw versus Smackdown. This might have worked if fans felt an allegiance to the brands, but we’re only four months into the split and the WWE braintrust would rather us watch both shows with equal loyalty.

What we ended up having at this, the 30th edition of Survivor Series, are teams where babyfaces and heels coexist, competing on matches where fans don’t have much emotional investment.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter. Survivor Series is rarely an end point …

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