TV Club: Survivor: “It’s a Fickle, Fickle Game”

“The winner of the show is on this mat.”

These words, uttered by Blue Collar tribe member Lindsey on the first day, seems more prophetic than they probably are. Worlds Apart was a season of forced labels slapped on people in an attempt to force tension. The artifice of it was obvious to viewers from the start, but it still managed to infect the interactions of the characters within the game just as intended. The funny thing is, once the tribes started shuffling and this artifice started breaking down, it was readily apparent just how important that artifice was in covering up that this cast just wasn’t all that great at creating a compelling Survivor season.

Given that the last stretch of the season has at least been watchable (in a “root for the awful people to lose” sort of way) it’s easier to forget how much of …

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