TV Club: Survivor caps off a great season by crowning a satisfying winner

That feels like a fitting end to what turned out to be an all-time great season of Survivor. It’s especially fitting that such an entertaining season would include a final episode that had a Tribal Council so complicated, so unprecedented that it literally had to be broken down for the audience to understand. So what if everything that happened after that was pretty predictable? Jeff Probst pulled out a white board!

The crazy Tribal Council wouldn’t have been possible, though, without one of the best things about this season: Immunity idols. Before Second Chance, Survivor was in a terrible immunity idol rut, with season upon season featuring idols that were too abundant and way too easy to find. The twist of hiding immunity idols and clues in places where people would have to sneakily grab them without their fellow players noticing added a very fun element to the …

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