TV Club: Survivor: “Bring The Popcorn”

This is an episode full of messy people being complete messes. Wait, let me rephrase: This is an episode of messy, awful people being completely awful messes. The result is one of the least fun episodes of Survivor in years. The frustrating thing is that it’s also a pretty darn good episode of Survivor, action-wise, if you can overlook all of the horrible human behavior on display.

The tone for nastiness is set at the very beginning by the producers themselves, when the traditional auction challenge begins with a blind bid that knocks Will out of the rest of the game. This ruthlessness continues when it becomes clear that Dan, Carolyn, and Mike are holding out on the food to bid on an advantage. When the group makes an agreement to all purchase letters from home and Mike holds out at the last minute—for good reason, as he …

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