TV Club: Surrounded by “Sleights and Deception,” Elementary pretends everything’s fine

Of the real thoughts and feelings of the criminal, of the terrible fascination which binds him to his nefarious career, of the thousands — yea, tens of thousands — of undiscovered crimes and unpunished criminals, you know but little.

Harry Houdini, The Right Way To Do Wrong; An Exposé of Successful Criminals, 1906

Always nice to have a twisty, light episode where somebody has to read a Nazi textbook, isn’t it?

“The Art Of Sleights and Deception” features a fairly satisfying mystery that grapples with its subculture’s underbelly not by offering a representative sample of magicians, but by tracing a single obsessive object through a man who went too far looking for it. Claude Rysher isn’t alone in this: an amateur sleuth once chased a man in Phoenix trying to get information, and the best magician in Atlantic City is apparently shoving USB drives into melons all over town …

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