TV Club: Superstore has its first wedding episode, and the awkwardness is dialed to new heights

Given how closely the DNA of The Office is intertwined with that of Superstore, the fact that the season’s penultimate episode was titled “Cheyenne’s Wedding” built up a lot of expectations. The three wedding-centric episodes of The Office—Phyllis’s Wedding,” “Niagara,” and “Finale”—were all episodes with standout moments that perfectly understood how to use the trope. They understood the inherent comedy in bringing everyone together on a day when emotions run rampant, how the obligation for a day like this to be perfect can create an atmosphere that enhances already tense situations. (Also, the importance of the badly timed/perfectly timed wedding dance.)

“Cheyenne’s Wedding” understands these aspects as well, and uses the nuptials of Bilbo Derek Thompson and Cheyenne Tyler Lee as the backdrop for several long-simmering narratives. However, they may have taken one too many cues from their spiritual successor, as the episode …

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