TV Club: Superstore ends its first season with an episode that demands a renewal

When it comes to workplaces being a microcosm of the larger world, look no further than a retail store. If you’ve ever had the oh-so-great misfortune of working in retail then you know that the employees tend to be a diverse group of people — all ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, sexualities, ages, and so on — and with distinct personalities that can clash daily but there’s nowhere you can go to escape it. That’s what functions best in Superstore: Cloud 9 is less of a store and more of a small community of people thrust together in a world that the vast majority of them don’t want to be in but can’t get out of.

“Labor,” the final episode in a first season that got better and more confident as it moved on, is a nice little cap to a nice little sitcom that could’ve used a …

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