TV Club: Supergirl’s secret? She’s always angry

After some awkward reshuffling, Supergirl gets its timeline straightened out and picks up right where “Livewire” (the episode that aired two weeks ago) left off. Unfortunately, “Red Faced” is a pretty disappointing follow-up. It has all the problems that usually plague Supergirl—clunky dialogue, the bland DEO, and a tendency to make characters too one-note—but even worse it’s lacking a special spark to help paper over those weaknesses. There’s nothing like Brit Morgan’s campy Livewire performance or that train rescue sequence from last week to elevate this episode into something special. And without that, the show’s weaknesses are more glaring than ever.

That’s probably because Kara’s duties at the DEO get more attention than her personal or professional life this week, and the show is generally strongest when it focuses on those latter two areas. The catalyst for Supergirl’s troubles is General …

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