TV Club: Supergirl turns on the charm as some characters reexamine their identities

I’m not sure I’d be doing my job properly if I judged each Supergirl episode based solely on how much it made me smile. But at the same time, I’d be lying if I said that sort of gut reaction doesn’t shape how I view the show. When it comes down to it, “Crossfire” is a pretty slight episode that lacks a compelling villain and has subplots that come out of nowhere. It’s scattered and on paper it looks a bit like a filler episode designed to check in on the season’s big themes and introduce some upcoming storylines. Yet in practice “Crossfire” has a warm, enjoyable humanity that so many of the show’s first season episodes were missing. Supergirl has become a series I enjoy much more with my heart than with my brain, which maybe explains why I had so much …

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