TV Club: Supergirl serves up mommy issues for Thanksgiving

Supergirl isn’t just a superhero show with a female lead; it’s a show that sets out to explore super-heroics through an explicitly female lens. Though Kara has a couple of male sidekicks, her most important relationships are with women: Her supportive older sister, her powerful boss, her angelic holographic mother, and—someday down the line— her power-hungry aunt. “Livewire” introduces two more female players into the mix and deepens its existing female characters by examining the women who raised them. After all, nothing brings out mother/daughter tensions like a Thanksgiving feast.

It’s rare to see mother/daughter (or even mother/son) relationships explored in comic book properties, which are overwhelmingly obsessed with men and their daddy issues. Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Thor, and Peter Parker all have complicated relationships with their fathers (or father figures). Arrows Oliver Queen carries around all sorts of …

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