TV Club: Supergirl offers romance, Hamilton references, and a fifth dimensional imp

In its first season, Supergirl was a show about a young, inexperienced superhero balancing the demands of her double life. Despite some wonky characterizations and a lot of unsubtle feminism, the show had a clear sense of the story it was trying to tell, and that only grew stronger as the season went along. Though season two started with a bang and has in some ways improved upon the weak spots of the first, it’s becoming clear that Supergirl has lost the strong central focus that once propelled it. It’s gone from a show about a superhero/aspiring career woman finding her feet to a show about, well, I’m not really sure to be honest. Aliens fitting into society? Kara training a protégé? The dangers of vigilante justice? Kara becoming a full-fledged reporter? The importance of putting aside prejudice to find love? All of those themes and …

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