TV Club: Supergirl fights for immigrant rights in an episode that doesn’t pull its punches

One of the best things about Supergirl‘s second season is that the writers have finally realized what a gift they have in Chyler Leigh. Though Alex has always been one of the most important women in Kara’s life, she shared that role with Cat Grant back in season one. But Cat’s departure has left more room for Alex storylines this season (at least when Mon-El isn’t stealing the spotlight), and Leigh has elevated just about all of the dramatic material the writers have thrown at her, from her coming out arc at the beginning of the season to her confrontation with her father in the woods last week. “Exodus” is basically a spy thriller starring Alex Danvers and her sidekick Supergirl, and it serves as the perfect culmination of Leigh’s work this season. And her excellent performance, coupled with some politically relevant subject matter, elevates …

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