TV Club: Strong choices and unexpected results make for a thrilling The Expanse

At various points tonight, I was convinced that two different characters were heading towards their deaths, one by suicide, the other by a sort of desperate nobility that was also, basically, suicide. “The Monster And The Rocket” opens with Errinwright shaving and remembering how much he’s doomed, before watching him walk his son to school and offering the kid some cliched but seemingly well-intentioned advice. (“Listen to your heart.”) This is pretty classic “compromised businessman sets his affairs in order before killing himself” stuff, made even more telling by the fact that I don’t think we’ve ever seen Errinwright’s son before. Any time a show suddenly introduces family into the life of a secondary character in a bad spot, there’s trouble ahead.

Which is clearly what we’re supposed to be thinking. I mean, at one point Errinwright finishes off what could very easily be …

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