TV Club: Strong character work redeems a repetitive return trip to the ’80s

After visiting 17th century Japan and the American Civil War, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow returns to a less demanding time period with “Compromised,” which sends the team to December of 1987 to stop Damien Darhk from interfering with the INF treaty that significantly reduced the U.S. and Soviet Union’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons. It’s not a great sign that DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is returning to a period it already spent considerable time in last season, and while there’s some solid character development in “Compromised,” the team’s larger mission feels very repetitive.

The opening scene with Damien Darhk conducting a drug deal in Miami suggests that this episode will be a Miami Vice pastiche, but instead the show returns to the Cold War conflict that dominated its last trip to the ’80s. The episode gets back to the budding Legion Of Doom story …

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