TV Club: Strong action and a new teammate elevate a repetitive Legends Of Tomorrow

At one point early in “Shogun,” Nate Heywood, invigorated by the new discovery of his superpowers, excitedly tells his fellow Legends about how he used to play Justice Society Of America vs. Nazis with his action figures. That’s what this TV show feels like most of the time: writers playing with toys, putting superheroes in different environments and time periods with stories that are only slightly varied from week to week. Season 2 isn’t changing up the formula, but it is expanding the range of time periods, and with the exception of the quick flashes to prehistoric and medieval times in the premiere, this week’s trip to Japan, 1641, is the show’s earliest adventure.

The action figures get new costumes and weapons this week, but the narrative hits many of the same beats we’ve already seen on this show. Like “The Magnificent Eight,” this episode …

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