TV Club: Steven Universe: “The Message”

Here we go! It seems like Steven Universe is about to get a lot more serious, because the Gems are coming. (I say seems, because if there’s any show I trust to still be funny and sweet in the middle of life-threatening peril, it’s this one.) After Steven made contact with the home world in “Marble Madness,” Peridot is on her way to get him, something that we probably could have figured out, but that the other Gems only discover because of Lapis Lazuli, who has transmitted a message through the Gems’ Wailing Stone. Somehow, “The Message” manages to introduce what will almost certainly be a dramatic run of episodes, and a very real threat to Steven and the Gems, while also being one of the funniest episodes the show has ever done. That’s largely thanks to the talents of one Mr. Greg Universe.

Greg is Rebecca …

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