TV Club: Steven Universe: “Story For Steven”

“Story For Steven” is the last episode produced from the first season to run late, moved past its original air date to make room for the Steven Bomb. It makes sense that this one, like “Open Book.” would be moved—it’s framed as a smaller-scale episode about Steven and one other character. Where that was Connie in “Open Book,” here it’s Greg, who, after a bit of adorable setup, tells Steven the story of how he met your—sorry, Steven’s—mother. In some respects, “Story For Steven” suffers from airing after “The Message,” the show’s best use of Greg to date (and, I think, the episode that would have originally come right after this one—more on that later), but it’s nice to see at least a bit of this period.

There have been repeated intimations that there’s enough story in Greg’s early …

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