TV Club: Steven Universe: “Shirt Club”

“Shirt Club” is about two of my favorite things: dads and art.

Being a dad sounds awesome. (I mean this mostly in the spiritual sense, rather than actually having physical children, though that is probably pretty cool too, for most people.) You’re essentially honing all of the best parts of yourself, assuming you’re trying to do a good job of parenting, because otherwise you’re not setting a positive example or giving your kids the best possible childhood. You can be a tyrant if you want, and there’s nothing your kids can do about it, even over silly things. But best of all, you get to be a huge, earnest dork and no one can make fun of you because being a spiritual dad is like being the Blob—in that the worse your jokes are, the funnier they are, precisely because of their inherent dad-ness and …

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