TV Club: Steven Universe: “Say Uncle”

When Cartoon Network announced that Steven Universe was doing a crossover episode with Uncle Grandpa, I was, to say the least, skeptical. I’ve never particularly cared for Uncle Grandpa, a show that is a bit too ridiculous for my taste, occasionally difficult to watch consistently, and, in some respects, deeply antithetical to the quiet calm of Steven Universe. Also, crossovers of this sort almost never work, do they? (I mean, not unless they involve John Munch.) Well… this one does! Overcoming all expectations to the contrary, “Say Uncle” more or less seamlessly integrates the Uncle Grandpa characters into the Gems’ world, using a simple, but effective Steven Universe plot to afford the creative team the opportunity to pull out all the stops and spend an episode just going for laughs.

“Say Uncle” starts from the same place as “Gem Glow,” with Steven trying to gain better control of his …

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