TV Club: Steven Universe: “Sadie’s Song”

There aren’t a ton of definite weaknesses in the current run of Steven Universe, but there has been a bit of a lack of focus on a few of the secondary residents of Beach City. This is to be expected (they’re secondary characters for a reason, after all), especially with the additional focus we’ve had on Garnet, Pearl, the Gem mythology, and Connie. And while we have had a few new characters or fascinating looks at older ones (“Onion Friend” comes to mind), the season as it stands so far still leaves something to be desired. The way the show obviously cared about everyone in Beach City, even the non-magical humans, was one of the strongest parts of the early episodes—especially something like “Island Adventure.” What I’m trying to say is… I missed Sadie.

This is a pretty slight episode that mostly serves to reiterate …

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