TV Club: Steven Universe: “Reformed”

One of the great things about the family dynamic of Steven Universe is that each of the Gems can function in pretty much any age range in any given episode—because they’re ageless and relatively elastic, they can be overprotective mothers, caring and/or bratty sisters, cool aunts, or even just friends. Each of these roles reveals a different facet of the Gems, who are complex enough characters to pull off this balancing act. Still, Amethyst has sort of settled in as the temple’s resident angsty teen, and “Reformed” is the most sustained look yet at what that will entail.

Steven manages to set off Amethyst by asking her a series of questions in an online quiz to determine which Crying Breakfast Friend she is—an easy tactic, but also one that allows the contrast between her answers and her actions (eating a massive, explosive sandwich that’s …

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