TV Club: Steven Universe plays ball

The last episode of In Too Deep could have been a huge plot twist, setting up the next round of conflicts between Home World and Earth. After all, there was a crazy cliffhanger at the end of “Barn Mates” with a group of Rubies showing up on Earth. And the title “Hit The Diamond” obviously conjures images of the Diamond Authority, with a possible reappearance of Patti Lupone’s Yellow Diamond. But Steven Universe enjoys trolling with episode titles far too much to actually include any Diamonds, and we just got rid of Malachite and the Cluster in a double play. Rushing into anything too crazy would miss an opportunity to goof around. Instead, we get a bit of a curve ball.

I get that “Hit The Diamond” might not be your favorite facet of Steven Universe. After all, Home World sends an envoy of Rubies to come after our …

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