TV Club: Steven Universe: “Open Book”

“Open Book” is a bit of a comedown from last week (even including the relatively quiet episodes), but it’s important that it, or an episode like it, falls at this point in the show’s run. After so much crazy action, it’s nice to have something with a laser-sharp, small focus (even more so than “Full Disclosure”), lest we lose sight of why Steven is so special and what it is he and the Gems are fighting to protect. After Steven’s relationships with each of the Gems, his more-than-friendship with Connie is his richest relationship on the show (sorry, Greg). She’s the one who pushes Steven to understand his human side in a way divorced from Rose. She’s also the smartest character on the show, in the sense that she’s the most interested in human culture in an ordinary way. In that sense, Connie …

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