TV Club: Steven Universe: “Love Letters”

“Stronger Than You” erased all doubt: Garnet is the best. Sorry, Pearl and Amethyst fans—they’re some great Gems, but the combination of weird, dry humor, tough badassery, and thoughtful empathy make Garnet an absolutely fantastic character, totally worthy of the adoration of the fans. Continuing a trend of externalizing plausible fan reactions, “Love Letters” has Jamie the mailman express these feelings, falling in love with Garnet (or convincing himself that’s what he’s doing) to instigate a very rom-com Steven Universe.

Jamie (voiced by comedian Eugene Cordero) was introduced way back in “Cheeseburger Backpack” but, like Buck’s spotlight last week, is part of a new wave of Beach City denizens getting a tighter focus from the show. It turns out he’s a struggling actor who moved to the big Steven Universe equivalent of HOllywood (in this case, Kansas) to try to make it before returning …

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