TV Club: Steven Universe: “Keystone Motel”

Welcome back, Ruby and Sapphire! Sorry we had to see you again under these circumstances.

After the emotional distress of Pearl and Garnet’s fight, we return to a bit of a… frosty situation. (Sorry.) Pearl is painfully overeager, borderline pathetic in her attempt to find Peridot and get back into Garnet’s good graces—to regain her trust. But she doesn’t fully realize that finding Peridot isn’t going to solve the problem, since Garnet is giving Pearl the silent treatment because of what she did, not because of what it caused. You can’t earn trust back just like that, with grand gestures. It takes time.

And time—or at least a little time—is exactly what Garnet gets when she invites herself on a road trip to a grimy little motel in Keystone (“The state named Keystone?”) along with the Universe men. Greg tells her that …

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