TV Club: Steven Universe: “Joy Ride”

“Lars And The Cool Kids” is an early highlight of Steven Universe for me—not only is the episode a great way to show off Lars’ insecurities, the introduction of the cool kids and their subsequent attraction to Steven’s earnestness feels like an important statement about the way the show’s world works. Steven will, in general, always be rewarded for being himself, even where reality would likely dictate that he’d be picked on (or worse) as a response to naivete. So an episode that sees Steven continuing to deal with the emotional fallout from the Gem invasion, this time with the help of the surprisingly nice cool kids, is, conceptually at least, an immediate win for me.

Simply seeing Steven bounce off Buck Dewey (voiced by storyboarder Lamar Abrams), Jenny Pizza (Reagan Gomez), and Sour Cream (Brian Posehn) is a joy. Buck and Sour Cream, in particular …

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