TV Club: Steven Universe changes up his wrestling persona in a fun, self-aware sequel

“Tiger Philanthropist” is a bit of an odd Steven Universe episode, if only because it feels like it should have aired a few months ago when quite a few classic early episodes (like “Beach City Drift” or “Monster Reunion”) were getting quasi-sequels. Still, it’s a welcome surprise in the midst of all the space stuff. Though Lars inadvertently describes the vibe of the episode when he says “It’s like, the sequel no one asked for,” that doesn’t mean “Tiger Philanthropist” isn’t a great episode of Steven Universe.

Partly, that’s because its best elements stand alone, even if you haven’t seen “Tiger Millionaire” in a while. (Or ever!) Storyboard artists Katie Mitroff and Lamar Abrams use the overwrought aesthetic of the underground wrestling matches to turn in some of the best fight animation the show has had in some time. Gem fights can be a …

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