TV Club: Steven Universe: “Catch And Release”

The villain who eventually joins the heroes, however begrudgingly, is a long-standing genre tradition. It’s an easy way to explore new character territory by asking what might make the bad guy (or girl), who is often the coolest and most badass person in a story, flip and become good. And it’s produced some of the best characters in animation, from Dragonball Z‘s Vegeta, who is essentially the template from which all further frenemies draw, to the Grinch, to Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s Zuko, whose face turn in “The Western Air Temple” makes for the best episode of that already-excellent series. With “Catch And Release,” it looks like Steven Universe is beginning to explore that territory in the figure of Peridot.

When we last saw Peridot in “Friend Ship,” I said that she was becoming a more comedic, consistently inept figure. In this episode, that turns out …

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