TV Club: Steven meets his mom in a stressful, sad Steven Universe

Steven Universe has been running for long enough that we know most of the characters’ hangups, even if they’re not emotionally activated in a given episode. (Amethyst’s now-resolved anxiety over her original form, Pearl’s feelings for Rose, and so on.) At a certain point, the show has two options for moving its characters in new directions, emotionally—either it can introduce new information, or it can have the characters respond to existing information in new ways. (Or, to put another way, it can have Steven discover what Rose did in “Bubbled” or have Pearl decide to move on with her life in “Mr. Greg.”) In “Storm In The Room,” Colin Howard and Jeff Liu turn in an episode that doesn’t quite do either. It’s still enjoyable, and provides one heartbreaking moment between Steven and Rose, but it doesn’t quite move the dial.

When the …

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