TV Club: Stefan visits an Original friend on a solid The Vampire Diaries

If you divorce this episode from the rest of season seven and pretend everything that led the characters to this point makes logical sense, then “Moonlight On The Bayou” is a pretty darn satisfying episode of The Vampire Diaries. The episode is part chase sequence, part crazy science fiction-esque conspiracy, part welcome crossover with The Originals, and all of these things weirdly work—and what holds them all together is a sense of the show’s own history that felt oddly lacking for much of the seasons leading up to this. It’s not a perfect episode, sure, but it’s an entertaining one, even if part of the entertainment is scoffing at what insane jumps in plotting the show took to get the season to this point.

Chief insane thing is the sudden prominence of what is dubbed “The Armory,” a part-science fiction, part-supernatural, all-secretive shadowy society whose sole …

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