TV Club: Starbuck leaves home to find it on Battlestar Galactica

“The Farm” (season 2, episode 5; originally aired 8/12/2005)

The Cylons are the enemy. If Battlestar Galactica has a villain (and I’d say at this point in its run, it does), the Cylons are obviously it. They kill without warning, play mind games with the survivors, refuse to negotiate or discuss terms, and hide in plain sight. And as “The Farm” reveals, they aren’t content with simply murdering humanity wholesale. The Cylons are obsessed with making babies, and because they can’t reproduce organically, they’ve taken to grabbing women on Caprica, hooking them up to baby-making machines, and hoping for the best.

It’s a monstrous violation, and we see Starbuck nearly fall into the trap, which makes it even worse. She’s one of our protagonists after all, a bad-ass hero who’s worth ten times anyone else in the fleet when it comes …

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