TV Club: Star Wars Rebels starts off slow but kicks it into high gear as the stakes are raised

Star Wars Rebels is back! And so are the reviews! I’m excited to delve back into this show, which has had an extremely interesting first three episodes (which I’ll get more into in the Stray Observations). Between season two and season three (especially after the devastating season two finale), much has changed for the Ghost crew and the rebels in general. Mostly, it’s hairstyles. I’m not digging Ezra’s new cut but Sabine’s dye job is lovely. More seriously, there’s a renewed, but still tense, dynamic between Ezra and the now-blind Kanan, the Phantom is gone, and the rebels are, quite frankly, not in a great place. This season so far is emphasizing just how woefully unprepared and lacking the rebels are. Last year, Star Wars Rebels spent a bit too much time with characters going on fetch quests. Now? Those fetch quests feel …

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