TV Club: Star Wars Rebels’ season finale is the most “Star Wars-sian” the show has ever been

“Zero Hour” isn’t a disappointing hour of Star Wars Rebels. It’s far from it. I will admit, though, I had pretty high (different?) expectations since the last few episodes were so unique and distinct. There was a sense the finale would continue that kind of narrative boldness–makings risky choices that would really change things. Instead, writers Steven Melching (Part 1), Henry Gilroy, and Matt Michnovetz (Part 2) provide their own epic Star Wars movie in miniature, telling a tale not of success, but of failure. It’s a somewhat slow moving story at first, with a prolonged space battle that sort of meanders and is hurt by some wonky direction and odd character beats. But by the second part, the chaos and craziness is ramped up to such a degree that the battles truly become engaging. Like the ending of many a Star Wars film, the final …

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