TV Club: Star Wars Rebels produces a high-stakes, cat-and-mouse thriller of an episode

“Through Imperial Eyes” is not a character-defining episode. It’s not emotionally significant, nor is it a narrative game-changer (not in a major shocking twist kind of way). “Through Imperial Eyes” is a well-told, well-written suspense thriller of sorts, in which Fulcrum, AKA Agent Kallus, tries to out-maneuver Thrawn and his fellow Empire commanders as they attempt to expose the mole. It’s a fully tight, thrilling episode, the rare Star Wars Rebels episode that has you on the edge of your seat throughout most of it. Writers Nicole Dubac and Henry Gilroy team up to spin a good yarn from the Empire’s perspective, and director Saul Ruiz emphasizes that “perspective” visually, with shots of walking guards and Thrawn’s mock-battle with the assassin droids viewed from Kallus’ point of view. The first shot of the episode is directly through Kallus’ eyes, although that feels a bit more superfluous …

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