TV Club: Star Wars Rebels: “Path of the Jedi”

When we last left the crew of the Ghost ship, there was some uneasiness in the air. Ezra’s brief connection to the Dark Side (back in “Gathering Forces”) left Kanan a lot more determined to dedicate himself to Ezra’s training, yet at the same time, genuinely concerned if he was up to the task. The question, really, is this: is it worth it? Such a task takes time and sacrifice, and there’s a chance that Ezra isn’t ready, or that he is incapable. Yet, if you were to replace “Ezra” with “Kanan” in that previous sentence, you’d have the same dilemma.

Star Wars Rebels has two core objectives. The first is to follow Ezra and his goal to becoming a Jedi; the second, to explore the origins of the Rebel Alliance. The current run of the show is focused on the former, which is fine …

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